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Eating Healthy

Chapter 1: Make eating healthy a lifestyle, not a duty
The 3 key elements
Health is wealth
The importance of a positive mindset
Chapter 2: Benefits in eating healthy
The benefits
Chapter 3: Alkaline food vs acidic food
PH value
Consequences of extended acidosis
Practising alkaline diet
Alkaline food
Acidic food
Chapter 4: Food pyramid
What is food pyramid?
The healthy eating guidelines
Stages of change
Chapter 5: Food cholesterol
Where does cholesterol come from?
Types of cholesterol
Top 5 tactics to improve your cholesterol level
Treatment for high cholesterol
Chapter 6: Types of recommended food
The best food choices
Chapter 7: Cooking up simple healthy meals
Meal planning
The recipes
Chapter 8: General guideline to overall well-being
4-Step eating habit hacks

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