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Life Credo neither is a sect nor a religion.
First time in history all can get informed about the truth, via the internet.

The goal of life is not greed and possession. And it is not pleasure satisfaction as much as possible. It is spiritual development.

The life and afterwards
Imagine your life is a test:
- you get positive points by doing unselfishly good, love.
- you get negative points by doing selfishly bad, hate.
- and you also get negative points for doing nothing although you could do something good.
If your balance is negative then you will end up in the darkness otherwise in the brightness.
When you review your life and you come to the conclusion that you are failing you need to change yourself that you pass the test.
You will reap what you sow. Cause and effect is an immutable universal law.
That means in this life you establish your conditions for the hereafter and later for your next life.
That reincarnation (rebirth) exists is a fact! It is a basic law of nature.
Every human being was born to become a better person, and he will return to a new life on earth until he is refined to perfection, with love, wisdom, and goodness.
Watch your thoughts, for they will become your words. Watch your words, for they are your actions.
Watch your actions, for they become your habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. (Quote from the Talmud)

The only Sin
All the suffering and misery of the world owes itself in the first place to ignorance.
Ignorance is therefore the only sin, from which all suffering arises.
The only rule
Do not hurt another person neither in words nor in actions nor in thoughts.
This includes also highly developed animals.

The present earthly world

The causes why there are rich and poor presently:
The present systems
The present financial system is for the benefit of the rich only to get even more richer and powerful.
It does not include a free basic income for all, the main cause of poverty is lack of money.
• The elite who owns most of the money are evil people. They are even able to create their own money.
They create crises and even wars at their will and do other evil things.
• Lack of information what is our goal on earth.
No, it is not self-enrichment, greed and profit! Please check out this web site properly.
• The people do not organize themselves. They let it happen that the large masses of people are under the thump of a few super-rich.
• We empower persons even by birth-right to take force on us but we are all equal.

Mankind has actually allowed to be ruled by the forces of evil. Why the world is so bad
The world in development requires a spiritual renewal that peace and harmony may reign above all.
Everyone must participate in order to destroy the power of evil people.

To all evil people who believe they have the liberty of doing anything: There is the principle of the balancing justice!
Every bad, malicious, evil action will have consequences, will be atoned for.
May those responsible before and behind the scenes of public affairs understand that they too cannot escape the laws of fate of a higher order power.
Once upon a time the hour of truth will also come to them. And what will inevitably come upon them, they are truly not to be envied!
All tyrants, owners and monopolists in the world are trying in vain to upset the balance of Libra. They can not escape the setback of the scale!

Driven by selfishness and greed, a small group of people ruins our planet.
We are at the edge of a dump. Either we fall into the chaos or we are smart enough to act.
We do not wait for those in power, who often have disappointed us. Do we prefer to do something ourselves.

Peace Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohan Munasinghe

Is wealth for all possible? Yes! And is an economy with environmental care possible? Yes!
So, let's get organized for an economic, political and spiritual change to save our earth and its inhabitants.
All you have to do now: join in and financially support.

The creation
Above all is only one that has any system power of life and death. It is the creation alone, which has designed over all its laws. Laws that are indisputable and have eternal validity. Man can recognize them in nature, if he strives. They show the way of life and the path to spiritual size, the goal of life. Man follows cult religions instead of studying the spiritual laws and strive to live in harmony with nature. Their false religions alienate them from the creation. And in their ignorance, legitimized by the principle to make subdue the earth, they destroy their planet.

You don't need religion, you just need to know the truth!

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